The office
The Office is the third playable night (memory) in The Joy of Creation: Story Mode. The player must once again defend themselves from the 4 Ignited Animatronics, while playing as Scott Cawthon.

Pre-Night Cutscenes Edit

The First pre-night cutscene for the Office is Nick narrating about what happened when his mother took him out of the house, and that even though he was never a crier as a kid, he vividly remembered hearing his own screams. (Showing that the Scream's Scott heard was created by Michael or one of the Ignited animatronics in order to Lure Scott Upstairs.)

The second pre-night cutscene for the Office takes place just after Scott leaves in the Pre-night cutscene in the Living room.

He walks up the stairs in order to check on his son Nick, but gets pushed back by something after finding that Nicks bedroom is just a black void, then the door next to it opens, (Likely the place Michael was sleeping) and out from it comes the Mastermind of the Office, Ignited Freddy, who then takes a swing at Scott, causing the loud thump heard in the pre-night cutscene for the living room, which Scott dodges and runs away from. It's also worth mentioning that if you look closely, you can see another arm behind Ignited Freddy's left arm. (The one that Mr. Freddy uses to swat at his master)

Then Freddy starts charging at Scott in a similar fashion to in TJOC:R then Freddy chases Scott through half of the maze found in the first floor of TJOC:R before finally losing him, and making it to the office, where he find's a note placed by Michael, that says that it's Nick's older brother and that they all hid in the Basement, while also giving him Scott's trusty Flashlight "The Monster Slayer".

With "The Monster Slayer" in hand, and Knowledge that his kids are out there waiting for him, Scott begins gameplay. Of his own game.

Appearance Edit

The Office itself looks like a generic, well, office. there's a poster showing Un-Withered Chica and cupcakes, with a hole behind it. There are some drawers, a trash can, and, well, you get the idea.

The left entrance has a shelf. That's it. Same with the middle entrance. The right entrance leads to what looks like an outside eating area, as there is a table that people usually eat food on when they're outside.

Gameplay Edit

In this night/memory you're inside the office as Scott. On the desk are 3 Monitors, as Scott says that he was able to retrieve them, but only them.

Each Monitor uses cameras placed on the other side of the 3 entrances, so you can check whether or not the Ignited animatronics are there, with the exception of Ignited Chica. Left monitor checks left entrance, right monitor checks right entrance, e.t.c.

Beginning call Edit

1;: [gasp] It has been, I-I-I don't know what the- hours, days, I don't think it matters here anymore. All the clocks in the house have stopped, I---I don't even think the SUN is ever coming up, I'm not crazy. W-W-Whatever has brought them here must have done this too. I-I-I don't how much time has passed, I just know that I...can't...leave. They're waiting for me outside; only here is safe. [stutter] I've left these messages for myself to.. uh, remember.. uh, help me remember what they do, how they act. I mean they all wanna get inside but *sigh* *says words of courage* *sigh* okay. Okay; I'm using an old camera system I installed for fun in the house a long time ago. I've only managed to recover 3 of the cameras so far, but this is more than enough. I can watch the animatronics coming near me with these. 3 monitors, 3 entrances. They haven't come in a while, but I know they'll be back soon. They become impatient, louder, faster. Especially Foxy. He's the one who's been tormenting me the most. I don't know where he comes from; I don't know how, but he just appears near an entrance. I can hear him coming; he growls and scrapes the door. I just watch him through the cameras, and he eventually goes away; so I need to look at him in the monitors. I guess he doesn't like being watched, huh? [pause] Freddy. He's here. I can see him. He's not like the others. he just stands there. He knows he can't get to me. he's just...waiting. I don't fully understand, but I know he isn't giving up. If I want to get out of here, I need to find him. I just know that HE'S the key to this. God, I just...I just can't stay put here, I need to fight, for my family, oh god they must be so scared. [pause] He's gone. He's gone. okay. *sigh* I have my flashlight ready with me. This might be suicide, but I need to try. If I see Freddy again, I'll just open up the door and flash his eyes as soon as he's there. I can't let him hold me down like this forever. I just hope this works out, if it doesn't then I... [pause] Honey, kids, if you are hearing this... I love you. I hope you're safe.

Ignited Freddy Edit

Ignited Freddy is active at the start of the night, and is unique in that he can't harm you until 6 A.M. If the player fails to flash Ignited Freddy eleven times before 5 A.M. occurs, he will stop the night at 6 A.M. and play a tune, then proceed to kill the player. If he does, a cutscene of a clock going to 6 A.M., then glitching back to 12 A.M., each time more decayed, until the phrase "come back" flashes on the screen. The player will then hear ignited Golden Freddy’s laugh and see the office engulfing in flames.

To repel him, the player must look at the cameras to find where he is, open the entrance he is at, then then flashlight will make him go away. The player can check how many times they have repelled Ignited Freddy by the clock above the entrance in front of the monitors.

The clock will move five minutes over each time the player repels Ignited Freddy from its starting position of 6:05. If the clock is on 6 o'clock, the player has successfully repelled Ignited Freddy for the rest of the night.

Notice that Ignited Freddy tends to hide from your view. In the left door, he's in the top right corner. In the middle, he is all the way to the right of the camera at the end of the hall. And on the right, he is all the way on the left side.

Ignited Foxy Edit

Ignited Foxy will appear at any of the three entrances accompanied by a growl, or a bump. There can be more than one Ignited Foxy at a time, but no more than two.

Ignited Foxy is active at the start of the night. Opening an entrance where he is will cause him to kill you, and waiting around will have a similar effect. This makes him the most dangerous animatronic, for obvious reasons.

The only way to get rid of Ignited Foxy is to stare at him through the cameras, causing him to shake and eventually growl at the camera and disappear (Foxy's zone of Aggravation can be a bit glitchy on less powerful computers).

Ignited Chica Edit

Ignited Chica only appears after a message from Scott saying that Ignited Chica will try to wiggle her way into the room from the WALL, which starts occurring at about 1 A.M.

"Chica appeared again. The stain on the wall came back again, god. I don't know, it's just so... horrifying, she just wiggles and writhes back and forth, trying to get out of there. I know how to stop her though. Whenever she shows up, her cupcake-- I mean, cupcakes, just appear in my room. Er, not just in my room, I've seen them outside the entrances sometimes. Anyway, they just appear. If I flash them with the light, they go away. There's 3 of them, I think; and if they go away, so does she. She's slow, gives me enough time to find them. But I don't know how many places they can hide. So I have to search the room --I am... I can do this"

The only way to get rid of her is to look for three Phantom cupcakes, similar to those seen in Five Nights at Freddy's 3, and flash your light on them.

The cupcakes will hide in the four different locations in the player's office:

  • The left filing cabinet.
  • The right filing cabinet.
  • Under the poster of 1983 Chica.
  • Inside the trash can beside the curtains.

Take note that they may appear outside of the office in the entrances, too.

You can stare at Ignited Chica to make her temporarily stop moving, giving the player more time to search for the cupcakes.

Ignited Bonnie Edit

Ignited Bonnie only appears after a message from Scott talking about Ignited Bonnie smashing a camera;

"HE BROKE IT! THE BASTARD BROKE THE CAMERA! DAMNIT! Bonnie just broke one of my cameras! I-I don't know what happened! He just appeared, and as soon as I realized he was there he just TOOK IT DOWN IN ONE SWING! THEY DON'T DO THAT, NONE OF THEM HAVE EVER... I have a solution I think. I just need to not make eye contact. DO NOT LOOK AT BONNIE, he's too smart. All of them are getting smarter and angrier. They're helping each other, all of them except Freddy. He hasn't appeared since last time, I need to find him, i can hear his laugh taunting me in the distance -THAT DAMN... alright, alright alright, I just need to react fast. "

He starts attacking at about 3 A.M. Looking at him through the cameras will cause him to scream similar to when he jumpscares you, then smash said camera, making it unable to be used for the rest of the night. To avoid this the player simply must not look directly at him, which might be easier said than done.

Ignited Bonnie used to be able to kill the player if they opened a door containing him. This was removed in version 1.2.

If you let him break two of the cameras but not all three, Bonnie can actually be helpful, by being a counter to the much more annoying Ignited Foxy.

But if you let Bonnie break all three cameras, at that Point, Foxy loses the ability to appear at Two doors at once, and simply starts wandering by each of the Doors just like Bonnie, this effectively makes it a Listening game to know where Foxy is, but the Problem is, he doesn't always make the Sound cue, making it impossible to know where he is, meaning that if you let all 3 Cameras Break, You're pretty much done for.

Ignited Golden Freddy Edit

Anytime while Scott is talking on the phone look into the double doors at the front. The player will then see Golden Freddy before he glitches away. Then, check the right filing cabinet (facing the front door), then the secret newspaper for the Office will be found and automatically grabbed.

Trivia Edit

  • This night is the last night with the Ignited animatronics. (Excluding Ignited Golden Freddy) But if you count Creation as an Ignited animatronic, then it is not the last night.
  • it is said by James. (The King of Five Nights at Candy's) that this is probably the easiest night to complete, most likely because of the time given to complete thier objective and simplictity, despite the general consensus being that the only night harder than this is the last.
  • This is the first night where the player plays as Scott Cawthon.
    • This is also the only night where the calls are from the character the player plays as.
    • This is also the only night where multiple calls can happen in one night.
  • Ignited Chica crawling out of the wall could be a reference to Grunkfuss the Clown from One Night at Flumpty's and One Night at Flumpty's 2, another FNaF fangame/parody.
  • The tune that Ignited Freddy plays when he confronts the player Is a clip from the original theatrical form of "The Toreador March" which in Five Nights at Freddy's 1 was given a music box-esque remix which was played by Freddy Fazbear when Mike Schmidt runs out of power, and has been his trademark song for almost the entirety of the FNaF series.
    • Since Michael is Mike Schmidt in some way, and created/programmed the patterns of the animatronics, this could possibly be something that TJOC's Michael had once experienced just before 6:AM coming around.
    • In some moments a child is heard singing: "Jesus loves me, this I know for The Bible tells me so..". This may mean that the child is probably religious, but it is unknown who is the child who sang that song.
    • When a child is heard singing, as noted above, this could be a reference for the fact that Scott Cawthon is christian in real life.
    • When it hits 5 AM in the game , The poster changes from normal Chica to Ignited Chica herself.

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A death tip confirming that Ignited Foxy cannot appear on destroyed cameras.