Part 1: The Bedroom

  • In general: Looking at an Animatronic will drain your sanity. Sleeping also quickly drains your sanity. You can tell what your sanity is by looking at the light on the wall in front of you. It goes from Green, to Yellow, to Orange, to Red, and then death. To reduce the loss of Sanity, you must turn on the light behind you. While the light is off, you still slowly lose sanity.
  • Freddy will appear at the window to your left. He will start off by peering in from the side, then moving closer and looking directly inside. You must hold the curtains shut till you hear a faded robotic wail, in which you can then open the curtains. Do not confuse the wail with another sound of his, which he moves from peering to looking in your room. You can have the light on while dealing with Freddy. Freddy will not attack you while you are dealing with Bonnie or Foxy.
  • Bonnie will knock on the door directly in front of you. On the third time he knocks, he will bust open the door, and if you are standing OR if you are sitting with the light on, he will disappear, then kill you shortly after. To counter this, when you hear the 3rd knock, quickly turn off the light if it is on, then press space to sit down. You should see a red light coming from in front of you; wait until the light goes away and you hear the sound of the door slamming shut before getting up. Personally, I said the number of knocks Bonnie has made out-loud to help keep track.
  • Foxy will attack you from behind your Bed. He appears around 3 AM, and you'll know when he has arrived. You will hear a scratching under your bed. Do not panic, as this just signifies he is there. After a bit of time, you make hear a quick 'cling' sound. If so, look behind you. If you see a hook, turn off the lights if they are on, sit down, and hold left click to close your eyes. You will hear a shuffling sound to let you know when it is safe. Failure to sit down or close your eyes or turn off the lights will result in Foxy appearing above you, his eyes turning red, then a jumpscare if you remain staring for too long. If all else fails, looking just far enough away will allow you to deal with Freddy and stopping Foxy from being able to kill you. It should be noted that Foxy can go away while doing this tactic.
  • Chica will peek out from the closet on your right. If you hear a quiet creaking sound, and a ray of light coming from the right, she is there. To counter her, turn off the lights, and stay standing. Looking at Chica will not kill you fortunately. However, the thing about Chica is that she won't kill you, and will instead stun you, blurring the screen and sound, and reducing your sanity down a level. If you are on red while she jumpscares you, you will die.
  • Master Strategy: To beat this night, prioritize. Respond to each of the given signals with an appropriate response. Since the game is designed not to screw you over, you can deal with each threat without having to worry too much about another threat. Panic is your enemy. Also, remember to turn on the lights after each encounter with an animatronic, except Freddy of course. Any downtime should be spent staring at the lamp. This night could be considered one of the easier ones, besides night 3.

Part 2: The Living Room

  • In general: This is one of the harder levels, as everything has to come under a steady rhythm. Each Animatronic has a very certain safe area, though Freddy's seemed to me to be a bit bigger. You can not survive an attack from two animatronics at once, though you can survive one if they are close but not together. Please note that at 5 AM the room reddens, the posters become different, and the music becomes frightening. Still, do not panic.
  • Freddy and Foxy: I put these two together because they act the same during the night. They will bust in the room from each of the side doors, with Freddy on right and foxy on the left, if you are facing the TV. They will look back and forth in the room, before turning and leaving. You can hide from them by hiding either directly beside the door, or on the wall corresponding to that door. Being Directly in front of the door, or anywhere else in the room while they bust in will result in them killing you. To counter them, you must use the TV to pause one of them enough so that the delay in between their attacks will give you the time to hide from both.
  • Bonnie: Bonnie will appear through the main double doors in the middle of the biggest wall. He will bust in, and will kill you unless you are against the wall he comes out from. However, unlike the other ones, he will only peak out for a second or so. To know when he is coming, you can check the keyhole of the double doors to see what phase he is on. Phase 0 has him not there. Phase 1 has his two red eyes in the distance. Phase 2 has him standing in the middle of the room. Phase 3 has his body and arm showing in front of the keyhole. Phase 4 has his red eye peering directly into the keyhole. You can also listen for a lower howling sound to know when he changes phases. The sound can be muffled by another animatonics sounds, so you still may need to check. On Phase 4, he will attack.
  • Chica: Chica appears at around 3 AM. She can only attack you while you are sitting down on the couch, and you will know she is there because of a very intense growling sound. You must simply stand up, and stay still for half a second until the growling stops. Not getting up, or looking/moving when you are up will result in her stunning you. If she attacks you during 5 AM, you will die.
  • Master Strategy: After you skip the call, hold down one of the animatronics until the other one is at the 2nd Light post in the hallway towards the door. This will set them into an even rythm. Keep going back and forth between them until you hear the howling of Bonnie. On the second howl of Bonnie, decide which Animatronic will attack you right before Bonnie does. With Bonnie, you must time it so that he will attack directly after another one attacks. To deal with Chica, just get up when you hear the growl, wait a sec, then immediatly sit back down once the growl stops. If you pause in the wrong order, you may screw yourself.

Part 3: The Office

  • In general: This night isn't too hard. Use the cameras to see each of the Animatronics. You will tend to see a shivering figure as foxy, a still figure as Bonnie, a small white light as a cupcake, and if you look off the side in the cams, Freddy will be there. There are three entrancers to the room, the window, the closet, and the main doors.
  • The best thing to do is listen very carefully, Foxy makes screeches and knocks to let you know he is there, Chica's cupcakes make screeches to indicate where they are around the room, (except for when they are in entrances.) However the music playing should be ignored along with the kids singing at around 3 am.
  • Freddy: The key to winning this night is to flash Freddy Eleven times. To do this, you must open the door he is currently at. You can tell where he is by looking on the far sides of each camera. If you have not flashed him 11 times by 6 AM, the lights will go off, and he will start twinkling in the main door, before disappearing, and randomly jump-scaring you.
  • Foxy: Foxy will appear in each camara as a twitching figure with red eyes. Simply looking at him in the cameras will cause him to shriek, then disappear. If you open the door/window that he is at, he will kill the player. He can also kill you if you just ignore him. You will know when he is at one of the entrances, as he will make a knocking sound. If you hear the same knocking sound and shrieking, Foxy is almost ready to attack.
  • Bonnie: He will appear at around 3 AM, and will appear in each camera, staring directly at it. Instead of killing you, he destroys the camera, making it so you can't see what's in there. Bonnie himself can't kill you until all cameras have been destroyed. To counter him, simply do not look at him in the cameras.
  • Chica appears around 1-2 AM. She will start writhing out of a hole in the wall, and you must find 3 cupcakes hidden around the office to make her go away. Failure to do so will kill you. The cupcakes can be found in each of the three entrances, behind the Chica poster, in both cabinets, and in the trash can next to the window. You can actually hear the cupcakes when you are near one of them. Also, looking at Chica will freeze her, which can buy you some needed time.
  • Master Strategy: For this night, I made a special system to deal with it. Go in the order: Check the Cams for Foxy(if he isn't there, get off the cam. You should remember where he will be if he is there.), get up and check the left door for Freddy, then check the front door for Freddy, then the right window, then go back to the cams. If you hear Foxy's knock, stop what you are doing and check the cams for him. If Chica appears, check the places where the cupcakes can hide as you go along your path.
  • Tip: on my second run of the Office, Bonnie had taken out all 3 of the cams. Because of this, I just went in circles, dealing with Chica as I went along. However, Foxy never came, and I somehow survived.

Part 4: The Basement.

  • In General: This part is split into 6 Missions. You will know when you have won when the red lights turn on, and you hear freddy chuckle. Because of this, I will list the Endo's and what they do, then the mission guide.
  • Endo B: This Endo appears on Missions 3 and 5. They will stare at the player, and will steadily move towards you while you look away. Touching them or letting them touch you will result in death. They can get caught on objects, and will never move as long as they are on screen.
  • Endo C: This Endo appears on Missions 1, 2, and 5. They will stand still, and never move. However, getting too close to them will result in a jumpscare. They can also be found hidden inside containers, and you must wait until the growling stops to open the container.
  • Endo R: This Endo appears on Missions 1 and 2. Once the game tells you to go back, head back to the bathroom. Failure to do so will result in the level turning blurry and spooky, we well as Endo R charging at and jumpscaring you.
  • Note: Sometimes the game may glitch and Endo R will come even if the player enters the bathroom. Endo R will be stuck on the door, and the player cannot leave without dying.
  • Endo F: This Endo appears on Mission 4. He will charge towards you from behind. You can only die to him if you turn around.
  • Mission 1: Walk out of the bathroom, and go left to get the furnace room, then left again to go up the stairs. Once you get to top, try to open the door. Then, head back downstairs. You should receive an hallucination telling you to go back. Make your way back to the screen room, and notice the Endo C. Keep against the wall to your right until you reach the bathroom. Don't take too long, as Endo R will get you.
  • Mission 2: Walk out of the Bathroom, and go left. Interact with the trash can, and a hook should fall out. Grab the hook, and bring it to the furnace in the next room. Open the furnace, insert the hook, and close it. I would like to note that if at any time the game tells you to go back, go back. Next, go to the Chica poster next to the stairs. Stare at the middle cupcake until you hear the growling stop. Wait a few seconds to be sure, then interact with it once to get a cupcake. Do not interact with it twice though. Put the cupcake in the furnace, then go to the locker right of the furnace. Make sure to open the one on the left, as the one of the right contains Endo C. Grab the guitar inside the left locker, put in the furnace, then go back to the Screen room, and grab the hat next to the screens. You will probably notice Endo C in front of the furnace now. To put the hat in, go up the stairs towards the door. Once you reach the door, the Endo C should be gone. After burning the hat, close the furnace door and make your way back to the bathroom and enter.
  • Mission 3: Exit the Bathroom. Go up to the Keypad on the wall, and figure out the puzzle, or just type in 9632. Press the button, then walk backwards. At this point, you must get past Endo B. To get past him, make quick flicks of the character, to have him inch torwards you. Once hes near, walk backwards and left/right, staring at him, until you reach the gate. Then, keep moving backwards, looking at him, until you hit the furnace room wall, try to hit the back right corner. Then, quickly turn around, and locate the keypad. Do the puzzle, or just type in 2541. Exit backwards through the gate, then look around for the key. Grab it, and walk back to the bathroom.
  • Mission 4: Walk forwards. All you have to do. Don't look back.
  • Note: It is still possible to die during this segment even if you don't look back and also keep moving forward.
  • Mission 5: Exit the bathroom, and wait until two endo f's spawn. Use the screen flick to make them next to eachother, then exit through another gate while staring at them. Keep walking backwards against the right wall until you see an Endo C to your right. If you want you can try to look away on this part, for there is another Endo C behind you. Navigate between the C's, still staring at the two F's, and eventually, hit the back wall. Go left, then quickly turn left and face the wall. There should be a button. Hit it, then go into the corner. After the gate has opened, use flicks to make the 3rd Endo F move torwards you, while the other two should still be at the beginning of the hall. Then, book it. Stare at the 3rd F and carefully navigate around him and up the stairs backwards. Make sure not to get too close to the Endo C. Finally, interact with the door, walk back to the bathroom, and go inside.
  • Mission 6: Walk to the stairs, and go up them.

Part 5: The Attic

  • In general: The Attic is possibly the hardest level. You will have the screen in front of you, with 5 different locations. To your right is a shock switch, while to your left is the toggle cam switch. The shock switch has a slow recharge, so use it with the current situation in mind. The Toggle cam switches between views of Creation and Golden Freddy, to views of the rooms that contain Endo C and Endo B. If you press space, you can look behind you. There are two levers, and two doors. You can only have one door closed at a time, and each doors direction is based off of the ones on the alt cams. So while looking behind you at the doors, the left door is on the right, and the right door is on the left. Because of this, you only need to check one of the two alt cams, as the other one isn't needed because the door is blocked; however this strategy can sometimes get you killed.
  • A general tip is to always listen for the running fallen, keep a system with your flashes. And realize that sometimes you may need to let creation break down or damage a obstacle so you can flash golden freddy.
  • Endo C and Endo B: You can see them in the Alt Cams. They will be there until the screen goes to static, in which case they will try to get in. The corresponding door must be closed, or else you will die.
  • Endo F and Endo R: They will start running up to one of the two side doors. Based on what direction the noise is coming from, close the appropriate door. Also, I noticed this while playing, in that instead of listening for specific sounds, listen on which side of the headphone the noise is most heavy. Make sure your headphones are on the right ear for this night.
  • Golden Freddy: He is the key to Complete this night. You must shock him on the Cameras 12 times to win. You can kinda tell how far you as the golden freddy plush to your right will become more distorted, and more and more rooms will catch on fire. When you are almost done, the attic will catch on fire. He will also appear directly behind you, and if you look at him without looking away, he will kill you.
  • Creation: This monster will slowly creep his way through the house and up to the attic. To slow him down, shock him. This resets his position in the room. His position is always highlighted on the Cams, and if he gets to your room, you are still given a short time before it fully comes out of the trap door, giving you time to hopefully give the last shock to Golden Freddy.
  • Master Strategy: Start of the night by shocking Creation, then closing the door right of the monitor (right door), and switching the alt cam to the door left of the monitor (left door)(This because that cam has more light, avoiding confusion between an imminent attack and a false alarm). Next, you must follow a pattern to survive. Go between shocking Golden Freddy and Creation. If you can't find Freddy on any cam, then shock Creation instead, as time spent not using the shock is time wasted; Creation takes a little bit more than two shock charging times to damage your defenses at the beginning, and later it advances faster so you will have to choose between shocking Freddy while losing defenses and shoking Creation. You must always be watching the alt cam of the opened door, switching cams only to search and shock. When the face of the Endo shows in the alt probably it is going to attack very soon. When its face disappears you have about 2-3 seconds to block the door. After blocking its attack the same door must remain open to avoid confusion, that way you focus in one door only. If you hear any running at the night, pause for a second to listen for what direction the heavier part of the sound is coming from and close that door. Use any remaining instant to shock Creature if you are focused in blocking the attacking Endos. Using this strategy it is possible to win with at least one and a half lines of defense left. Summarizing: Always see the alt cam. Whenever the shock is available: if any Endo is soon to attack (but not imminent), quickly shock Creation and switch back the alt cam ready for the attack; if there is no threat from any Endo, search for Freddy and shock him only if there is enough time to prevent Creation from advancing afterwards (if you have shocked Freddy more than 7 times then you should always choose to shock him.)
  • Alt Strategy: Start the night by shocking Creation, then close a door behind you. The goal is to keep tabs on where Golden Freddy could be and keeping an eye one the Endos. Since Creation makes a noise when he is moving, you can switch to what cam it is on and shock him without needing to constantly look at it. Creation is immune to the shock while weakening and destroying the barricades, so save the shock for after it messes with the barricades. Remember: preventing its advance is better than getting a shock on Golden Freddy most of the time, especially if you can't find Golden Freddy. Golden Freddy will never appear in the same room as Creation. Every 5 seconds or so, check up on the hallway cams, if both Endos are present, wait to see which one comes first by looking for the static on the camera, then closing the appropriate door. Often times you can just guess which one will go first and close that door, and look at the other camera to see if that one is going first instead, although it is usually the one that came on the camera first. As stated above, your headphones will get louder in one ear if one of the Endos is making a run for you, which will pause any progress that the other Endos might be trying to make. Remember to close the correct door, and that this can change the order of which Endo will come next, so keep a close eye on the Endos after that.
  • Note: Golden Freddy is actually quite obvious in most cams, except in the Bedroom, where his silhouette blocks the light of a lamp, so when you don't see the lamp there is Freddy. He is even more obvious once the rooms start catching fire.

Bonus: Pages

  • You get the first page by holding the curtains down for about 20 seconds or so on the Bedroom during the phone call. Doing so reveal Golden Freddy, and your page will be on the board next to the light.
  • You get the second page by looking inside the keyhole after holding down the pause button during the phone call for about 10-20 seconds. You should see Golden Freddy through the keyhole. Grab the page above the keyhole.
  • You get the third page by looking inside the main entrance to the office during the first recorded message, revealing Golden Freddy. Then, look inside the drawer to the right of you, or next to the Chica hole.
  • You get the fourth page by turning around and walking forward when it tells you not to turn around while on Mission 4. You should see the paper on the left wall right before Endo F gets you. Pick it up quickly.
  • You get the fifth page by honking the Golden Freddy plush's nose about 20 times, then turning around, then turning back around. The newspaper should be on the nose.
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