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The Joy of Creation: Halloween Edition

Platform(s) Windows 7 64-Bit
Engine Unreal Engine 4
Developer(s) Nikson, Lucifersam01, Nathan Hanover, EverythingAnimations, MrBreino and Ry-Guy
Genre Action
Theme Horror
Mode Single-player
Release Date(s) 31/10/16
The Joy of Creation: Halloween Edition or TJOC: HE is a Halloween version of the Joy of Creation. It runs similarly to TJOC and TJOC: R, but there is a major difference: Instead of taking place in a house, the game takes place in the Fazbear's Fright establishment. Also, this game introduces an animatronic: Ignited Springtrap.

Summary Edit

''This is a FNaF Fan Game, FNaF is owned by Scott Cawthon.

The metal groans and shrieks, the flesh rips and breaks, the body on it's very last stand, but the desire of vengeance...stronger then ever before! Now it's HIS turn.''

— Summary of the game.

Gameplay Edit

The gameplay is a Mix of TJOC:R and FNAF 3. The Player must move around Fazbear's Fright and complete certain objectives while trying to avoid Ignited Springtrap. The Player must find a hammer, break the 6 pipes in the building and then grab the lighter and make it safely back to the front of the building. In order to avoid Springtrap, the play must use their phone as the FNAF 3 camera system to find him and use audio lures to move him away. Once the tasks have been completed the player wanders through the burning attraction before being attacked by Springtrap.The player slowly reaches for Springtrap's head and lifts his face to reveal Purple Guy's rotted corpse inside. It then fades to black with the words "THE END".

Animatronics Edit

Trivia Edit

  • There is also a "Lite Edition" of this game. It removes the wires seen on the walls and floors in the regular version, which were the cause of performance issues due to them being very high-poly.

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