The House is the one the player defends in the game The Joy of Creation: Story Mode.

Memory rooms Edit

Trivia Edit

  • When 5 Am hits in the Living Room,the Normal Freddy poster becomes a picture of Ignited Freddy’s face.
  • Same goes with the Chica poster in the office.
  • The deeper the night goes in the Attic Memory , the house starts setting on fire.
  • In the Bedroom Memory , There is a chance that after Ignited Chica jumpscares , Phantasmagoric Ignited Foxy will jumpscare the Player not long after.
  • The Attic is the only night Where Creation is active and the second for the Fallen to be Active.
  • The First room the Fallen are active is the Basement.
  • When on hard mode in the Bedroom,Instead of Normal ignited Freddy , Ignited Shadow Freddy is the one peeking through the window.
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