The game over screen in Survival Mode (Animated).

Survival Mode is a mode in The Joy of Creation that challenges you to survive as long as you could. Though there is no actual ending to the mode.

Gameplay in TJoC

There is a timer at the top-right of the screen, it tells you how long you have survived the animatronics. As the timer increases, the animatronics get more and more aggressive.

There are three phone calls recorded by Phone Guy in Survival Mode. The first recording starts at the beginning of Survival Mode. The second recording starts off at around 02:55:00, and the last recording in Survival Mode starts in 07:10:00.

Phone Calls in Survival Mode

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The first phone call starts at 00:00:00

Jesus, Scott! We’ve been trying to reach you for the past few days! *exasperated sigh* The Endoskeletons are severely damaged and probably irreplaceable with the budget you can meet.

I'd recommend investing in new Endoskeletons, ‘cus these? Ha, hah! These CANNOT be fixed! The mainframes are very out of place, and I'm afraid that if these animatronics were to put on, oh say, a show, they would probably pretty much go bonkers in front of the children. You don't want that, and quite frankly, I don't want that either. It's of course, you know, just an idea. I just wanted to call and make sure you know, unlike, uh,  last time...

Phone Guy

The second phone call starts at 00:02:55

*Sigh* Dammit. *exhales* Uh, Scott? You there? We've gotten some, um, issues with the Toys' Endoskeletons the past few weeks. And, uh, you know, may have walked off the past few times uh, we've had similar instances, but, uh, But this one is very, very disturbing. I've tried to convince the Police not to find something, bribed them with money, nothing worked. I- I’m sorry, I really am. I’m so sorry this had to happen.

As for the company, I have no idea. We’ve gotta do something, it’s… getting out of hand.

Phone Guy

The third phone call starts at 00:07:10

Jesus, Scott! Just when I thought the company was safe from the media, there's always something to carry on the news.

Listen, I don't know how you're ever going to avoid this, Scott. But I strongly visioned to have placed those endoskeletons. They seemed to react in a way that I can't explain.. It-It's unusual. And, uh, you tell me to lock 'em into my basement; scary enough. I'm always-I'm always feeling like I'm being watched.

I don't know if I can do this, Scott, it's very hard to keep company at my Basement. *Slight pause* You have to speak about my proposition... that would be nice...

Phone Guy


  • It is unknown if there is a fourth phone call; as nobody had ever reached that goal.
  • The user who had got the highest score in TJoC was 8Bit-Gaming, surviving 12 minutes before getting jumpscared.
  • If you happen to fail Survival Mode, you will be shown the game over screen, then after you view your time, the game will crash.
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