The Right Door is where Ignited Bonnie will start off in Survival Mode. It is one of the four areas in the house in The Joy of Creation, along with the Front Closet, the Left Closet, and the Balcony.


There is only one lamp to the doorway's right, and a little piece of paper on it's left, the paper is very similar to a magazine. Below the magazine appears to be a coat hanger.

If you aim your flashlight at the doorway, you could see what is in the hallway behind the doorway. There is a chair right in your view, one could see that the wallpaper of the hallway quite differs from the wallpaper of the room you reside in.

There is also the faint view of the curtains from the Window.


Ignited Bonnie will start off down the hallway, you will hear loud clanking footsteps if he is approaching down the hallway.

When he appears at the doorway, he will slowly open the door, signified by the slight creaking and the door's shadow. If you manage to flash your light at him, he will shut the door hastily.


  • It is one of the first locations to be seen in the teaser trailer.
  • There is obviously a large hallway behind the doorway.
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