The protagonist A.K.A Scott Cawthon is the player who you play as in TJOC:R.

Biography Edit

The protagonist is playable in The Joy of Creation: Reborn. He was possibly the manager of Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria and Fazbear's Diner. He is an American evident by the American flags and baseball caps found in his home, he lives in what seems like a Modern country house that consists of a first floor, a basement, an attic, and an outside. He is tasked with finding several collectibles around his home throughout the different areas of his house. He then enters a hallucination that looks like white with the animatronics in display cases. He then switches off the lights and wonders through the hallucination before getting jumpscared by Phantasmagoric Ignited Foxy.

Description Edit

Appearance Edit

Scott has light skin, and masculine breathing evident by when

he runs. He carries a flashlight in his right hand.

Personality Edit

Little can be said about his personality, however he doesn't

speak similarly to most Fnaf Protagonists. He seems

to breath heavily when he runs. This could be out of having

a poor condition or out of fear for his life.

Known info Edit

  • The protagonist in the original game was Scott Cawthon. In this game, the protagonist is currently unknown. In the story mode, it is revealed that it is still Scott Cawthon and that the animatronics are being controlled by a creature in the form of Michael that is plotting to kill him.
  • He probably has a poor condition, because when he runs all the time he breathes heavily.
  • though this could just be out of fear.