Were you looking for his Normal Conuterpart, Ignited Foxy?

Phantasmagoric Ignited Foxy
Character Information
Known as Ignited Foxy
Species Animatronic Pirate Fox
Gender Male
Color Luminous
Starting location Extras
Story Mode (Possibly)
First appearance Extras (Alpha v0.7)
Phantasmagoric Ignited Foxy or just in short Ignited Foxy is a supernatural hallucination seen in the Extras Menu. He is an alternation of Ignited Foxy. Not much is known about him other than that he is a hallucination.


Phantasmagoric Ignited Foxy appears to differ from Ignited Foxy slightly,since he is Black-and-White colored.

There also appears to be many 'holes' on him, and the 'holes' appear to glow endlessly.


TJoC: R Extras


Phantasmagoric Ignited Foxy's jumpscare. (Click to animate)

There are actually multiple Phantasmagoric Ignited Foxy's in the last stage of the Extras challenge. All of them are completely static in a fully black room with no light source except the light from the ditto's.

If you turn around to exit when you enter the mysterious room, you will be greeted by Phantasmagoric Ignited Foxy's jumpscare, ending the Extras challenge, and crashing the game. For a flash second after his jumpscare, one would spot three words 'Come Back Later'.

Story Mode

Function: He attacks instead of Foxy, after Chica attack on bedroom.

Jumpscare audio
Phantasmagoric Ignited Foxy Bedroom jumpscare audio


  • It is unknown what the words "Come Back Later" mean. However, it is possible the words mean to come back when story mode is made, In Story mode, whenever you die, it will say come back later, so that might be a reference.
    • Many fans have suggested theories.
      • 8Bit-Ryan, a YouTube Let's player, thought that it meant to reload the game but, it didn't work.
  • Phantasmagoric Ignited Foxy is one of the only animatronic to not appear in the original The Joy of Creation. The other one is Phantasmagoric Ignited Freddy.