The Bedroom is the first playable night (memory) in The Joy of Creation: Story Mode. The player must defend themselves from The 4 Ignited Animatronics While playing as Nick Cawthon. (Scott Cawthon's Son) 

Pre Night Cutscene('s) Edit

In cutscene one we (As Michael) awake to Scott and his Children talking and after a while of staying silent, he answers one of Scott's first questions. saying "MICHAEL! my name, you asked that before." and then after helping Michael get up, Scott allows him to stay the night in the guest room due to his "Look like he crawled out of a bonfire" appearance.

In cutscene two, we have Nick narrating over how after Michael was put into the guest room he never spoke to him after that, and at the very least didn't think he looked . . . Dangerous. But then he remembers the "night of the storm" and states that there was one other time he had spoken to Michael. Then gameplay commences.

Ignited Freddy Edit

Ignited Freddy will make his way up to the window next to the player. When he does this his arm will appear in the window accompanied by a small bump, then, moments later he will look into the window accompanied by a strange glitch-like sound, from here the player has to close the curtain on him or he will get in and jumpscare the player either the next time they look towards the closet, or after a few seconds, giving an Immediate Game over.

if the player closes the curtains, they must wait till they hear a sound effect of a groan and what sounds like a bump of wood against wood, then Freddy will have left.

Ignited Bonnie Edit

Ignited Bonnie usually starts attacking at 1 A.M. but can attack as early as 12 A.M.

Ignited Bonnie will slowly make his way towards the door to the front of the crib. Each time he moves the player can hear two knocks. He will attack the player if they do not turn off the lights and sit down on his third knocking period.

If you fail to do this in time he will get in the room and jumpscare the player either after a few seconds or the next time they look in the direction of the desk lamp, giving an Immediate Game over.

Ignited Chica Edit

Ignited Chica usually starts attacking sometime between 1 A.M. and 2 A.M.

Ignited Chica will show up in the closet from time to time, when she does this ,the player will hear the door creak open, in order to get her out of the closet the player must turn off the light (don't sit down) and look at her.

if they don't, then Chica will jumpscare the player but not kill them, acting somewhat like Fnaf 3's Phantom Animatronics. This will stun the player making them unable to turn off the light, and close the curtains for a while, giving Freddy and Bonnie ample opportunity to attack.

Ignited Foxy Edit

Ignited Foxy usually starts attacking sometime between 2 A.M. and 3 A.M.

Ignited Foxy will appear under the player's crib accompanied by a soft scratching noise, but this noise can be ignored, as when he's about to attack he will always make a much more noticeable noise that sounds like metal on metal scraping and his hook will appear on the bedpost.

When this happens, Foxy will then climb over your bed, during these two stages (the hook over the post and him over the bed) is when the player has the opportunity to get rid of him.

Foxy, like Bonnie, will attack the player if they are not sleeping, if you sit down look straight up and hold left click he'll be convinced that they are sleeping and make a sound that sounds like tucking someone into bed and leave.

If you fail to do this and look at Foxy at any point for more than a second, he jumpscares the player, giving an Immediate Game over.

Ignited Golden Freddy & Sanity Levels Edit

When Michael is talking on the baby monitor, hold the curtains closed until he mentions Freddy (about 10 seconds) then open them, Golden Freddy will appear and quickly disappear, when he/she does this it leaves behind the first memories Hidden Newspaper.

In the first memory, there is a Sanity variable that the player must be aware of, looking at the animatronics will cause it to go down but the player can either stop it from going down or make it go back up by looking at the desk lamp when it's on. The player can see what their sanity levels are by the thermostat on the wall by Bonnie's Door. Green is the highest level of sanity. then it will fade to the next color, which is Green > Yellow > Orange > Red

From the orange level onward, Nick's ears will start ringing, and the player will start to hear Nick's heart beat rapidly, as well as his vision fading to black and white while getting distorted. At the red level the player will start to see the walls bleeding, then they start seeing random visions of the Ignited Shadow Freddy, randomly appearing next to your bed and walking towards it before frame perfect popping out of existence, and doing the same outside the window.

When sanity goes absolutely down, Nick and his crib are seemingly teleported into the forest (likely just a side effect of being insane) before seeing Golden Freddy appear from the right of the screen moving to the middle while the screen glitches to black saying "COME BACK" giving a Game Over.

If Chica jumpscares the player at level Red, the True Insanity scene plays instantly.

Trivia Edit

  • Bonnie works similarly in the living room then he does here, suggesting a trend of methods used.
  • While Foxy is looming over the bed, a looping sound plays that is the same sound that plays randomly in the Office, plays constantly at 5 AM of the Memories 1-3 (Bedroom, Livingroom, Office) and plays when the player goes insane due to Endo R [Fallen Bonnie]'s presence in the second phase of Memory 4 (Basement)
  • Nick is the only one of Scott's children to get any more than a quick tongue-and-cheek reference, possibly due to having a similar name to the Developer of TJOC
  • This is technically the only level that can really be called a "Memory" as we see this happening through Nick's eyes (Who appears to be Protagonist for the main game) while the rest of the memories take place through the eyes of Val, Scott, and  Michael.
  • There is a Popgoes easter egg on this level. To activate it simply click on what appears to be a clock with the face of Popgoes the Weasel on it. This will cause the Popgoes' eyes to glow green and play part of the tune "Pop goes the Weasel".
  • The Scene in which Nick goes completely insane resembles the 5th and Final Memories Hidden Newspaper possibly alluding that Nick going partially or entirely insane could be a part of the story instead of just a Bad ending.
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