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Location Houston, Texas, United States
Status Destroyed
The living room is the second playable night (memory) in The Joy of Creation: Story Mode. In the living room you must hide from the four Ignited Animatronics while playing as Val Cawthon.

Pre-Night Cutscene Edit

In the pre-night cutscene, Scott and Val are talking about Michael, particularly Scott stating about how uneasy he feels about thinking that a stranger is sleeping in the room right next to their kids.

In hopes of easing Scott's worry, Val suggests staying in the living room throughout the night, spending time with each other, to ensure nothing bad happens. Soon after Scott agrees, they hear screaming coming from upstairs (which sounds like Nick but was actually just a lure that Michael placed for Scott to get him out of the living room).

Scott leaves to check on his kids but soon after Val hears a loud thump and the lights start to flicker then turn off. The screen then fades to black, starting the night.

Ignited Freddy and Ignited Foxy

Ignited Freddy approaches from the left hallway and Ignited Foxy approaches from the right hallway.

When Ignited Freddy or Foxy are close to their respective doors, the player must hide by going against the wall where Freddy or Foxy will enter from to prevent them from spotting you.

In order to make sure they won't arrive at the room at the same time, the player must sit on the couch and Pause one of the animatronics by using the Pause button at the top of the TV screen.

Both Freddy and Foxy have a small chance to double back around, this will cause their Cameras on the TV to turn white after they have left the main room. If this should happen hide behind the corresponding door immediately.

Ignited BonnieEdit

Ignited Bonnie slowly approaches from behind the Double Doors. Whenever his transfers to his next phase, he will make a moaning sound similar to the one he makes in FNaF 1, but less audible, so constant checking is not needed as long as you take note of the number of Scratches you've heard since he last opened the doors.

Bonnie goes through 5 phases before he enters the room:

Phase 1: He appears far from the door and is not visible.

Phase 2: He gets a little closer to the door, and his eyes are visible, but scarcely.

Phase 3: He moves closer to the door and his upper body is visible.

Phase 4: He is standing directly behind the door. Only his arm and part of his body is visible.

Phase 5: He is staring through the keyhole.

To avoid Bonnie, the player must stand against the wall where Freddy/Foxy enter from and wait until he closes the doors, indicating that it is safe to leave the hiding spot. Bonnie does not enter the room at the same time that Freddy or Foxy are in the room so you will need to prioritize who to deal with first.

Ignited ChicaEdit

Ignited Chica will spawn into the room if you sit on the couch for too long. If you hear growling and fail to stand up in time, she will jumpscare you, stunning you, similar to the Phantom Animatronics in FNaF 3.

In order to not get jumpscared by Chica, all the player has to do is to not sit on the sofa for any longer than 10 seconds, and the second the player gets up from the couch, she will leave. However, if Chica jumpscares you after 5 AM you will see through Creation's eyes and he will kill you offscreen.

Ignited Golden Freddy Edit

To make Golden Freddy spawn, the player must hold the pause button on Freddy's screen for 10-15 seconds while Michael is talking, then must head to the central doors where Bonnie enters from and stare into the keyhole. Golden Freddy will appear for a few seconds before he disappears. There will be a scrap of a newspaper over the keyhole that can be collected by the player.

Old Living Room Edit

In the demo and original release of the game, The Living Room appeared as the first level, and was completely different. The player was Scott, and the phone call was a casual conversation between him and Michael. The entrances to the Living Room were completely different, with the doors on the sides being the ones with the keyholes, while the double doors behind the player didn't have keyholes, and the TV simply displayed Ignited Chica slumped over in an unknown room.

Animatronic Behavior Edit

Ignited Freddy would approach from the door to the right, much like the current version of the level, and the player would have to continuously check the keyhole for him, and when he was about to enter, they would have to hide behind the couch until he left or else he would jumpscare them. Ignited Bonnie behaved the same as Ignited Freddy, with the only difference being that he approached from the left.

Ignited Foxy would attack from the double doors behind the player, and they would hear him creak open the doors. To get rid of him, the player would have to simply flash him with their flashlight.

Ignited Chica would attempt to attack whenever the lights turned off and the TV changed to static. The player would have to turn the lights back on to stop her.


  • Michael mentions Scott's name, indicating that he met Scott at some point, although Scott has never seen him before.
    • Val, (the character you play as) remarks on this fact, but Michael does not answer, ends the

call, and starts the night.

  • Bonnie works similarly in the Bedroom as he does here, suggesting a trend of methods used.
  • This night appears to take place at the same time as The Office, implying that multiple copies of the Ignited Animatronics are loose in Scott's house
    • The only reason this night's events likely doesn't take place at the same time as the bedroom's events is that Michael is the Guide for Both and obviously can't give instructions to both Nick and Val at the same time.
  • If you you look closely during Ignited Freddy's jumpscare, he appears to rip out some kind of organ that closely resembles a heart.
  • Ignited Bonnie's jumpscare in this night looks very similar to the one he has in the Bedroom, to the point where precise enough editing could elongate the jump scare by playing Jump scare 2 directly after Jump scare 1.
  • It is possible Bonnie peering through the keyhole of the door could be a reference to Creepypasta story "The Keyhole".
  • This is the only night other than the Attic, where the Animatronics have a unique jumpscare animation that shows how they kill the player (Chica's stuns the player). Freddy rips out Val's throat with his teeth, Foxy impales her with his hook and lifts her up, Bonnie knocks her out, possibly breaking the skull as well with a powerful punch and Chica pecks at Val before suddenly vanishing, leaving her dazed.
  • When it hits 5 AM , the room turns red , Phantom eyes appear in place of the portraits , and the Freddy poster turns into a picture of Ignited Freddy.
  • When looking at Foxy's camera, the feed will glitch out around the lamp in the hallway, referencing his aversion to light in Five Night's At Freddy's 2, 4, and the original demo of this level.

Glitches Edit

  • If you look right in the keyhole on before Ignited Bonnie opens the double doors, the Protagonist can still be looking through the keyhole while Bonnie is opening the doors. They see his hips and lower waist before he disappears. Happened to a YouTuber named 8-BitRyan.
  • At random when you finish hiding from Freddy/Foxy they may have their camera turn white signaling that they are heading back to the door immediately after they enter. However, after the first encounter there is a chance one of the screens (depending on who you let in first) turns white and they come at exactly the same time no matter how long the screen is white for.
  • Sometimes animatronics stop working when Bonnie opens his door. Bonnie's door stays open with Bonnie inside of your room. Both Freddy and Foxy stop in front of door into your room and cannot jumpscare you. Time continues, so you can complete the chapter with this glitch.
  • If Freddy comes in while Foxy is closing the door, Foxy will be the one jumpscaring you instead of Freddy.
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