The Left Closet is a location in the house where Ignited Chica resides at. It is one of the four areas in the house, the others are Front Closet, Right Door and The Balcony.

Surrounding Area Edit

To the left of the closet there appears to be an old-fashioned lamp. Below the lamp is a small metal shelf keeping a silhouette of a book on top shelf. Much closer to the closet is a power plug.

To the right of the closet is only just a heater, like the other side of the room; the Right Door.

Tips Edit

Ignited Chica will start off deep within the closet before slowly approaching out by opening the closet's doors; this action is identifiable by the creaking and by the outline of the doors slowly opening.

To defend yourself against her, you will need to turn your flashlight on to scare her away. If you are too late into warding her off, she will jumpscare you; ending the game.