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Were you looking for Ignited Freddy's endoskeleton counterpart, Endo B "Angel"?
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I did it.. I DID IT, I FINALLY GOT HIM! Hah, I knew Freddy had something to do with this! I just opened the door and aimed at his eyes with my flashlight, he got staggered and...left!'

Ignited Freddy or Freddy is one of the four main antagonists of The Joy of Creation franchise, and is a member of The Ignited. He is the main antagonist of The Joy of Creation and The Joy of Creation: Reborn, Bedroom, along with Ignited Foxy in Living Room, and Office, and is the one of the four overarching secondary antagonists in The Joy of Creation: Story Mode, before assimilating into Creation for the fifth and final memory, Attic, and becoming the only titular antagonist of the franchise, due to becoming unstable from Scott Cawthon's actions in Office.


Ignited Freddy appears to be a burnt and a charred Freddy Fazbear animatronic, he has no bottom jaw, exposing his endoskeleton's bottom set of rusty teeth, and his left ear is also missing. Ignited Freddy wears a top hat, like his original counterparts did.

His eyes are black, with glowing pupils - similar to the phantom animatronics from Five Nights at Freddy's 3. Strangely enough, his left eyebrow is missing.

Ignited Freddy wears a black bow tie like his top hat on his chest accompanying two black-buttons. A lighter brown outline lines around his main body.

Both of his hands are also missing, along with the suit on his shins and his left forearm.

The only differences between his design in the The Joy of Creation and his revival design The Joy of Creation: Reborn are the rigging of his model and his glaringly empty pupils.


Ignited Freddy was the first character of the primary antagonists to be introduced into a free-roam environment. He is first seen in the remake of The Joy of Creation in the free-roam test game, having been converted from a closet hermit in front of the player to a fully-functional artificial intelligence capable of tracking the player and hunting them down. The setting for the test in question was a country house filled with interconnecting hallways that were connected to one single hallway that the player started at.

Eventually, in The Joy of Creation: Story Mode, he gains a story and has more empowerment than the remake. He could now force the player to have to search for him in order to prevent their own death, being one of the subordinates of his team of supernatural doppelgängers, specifically a subordinate to Ignited Golden Freddy as both use their abilities to force the player into a time loop together, this time loop being used upon the same person in addition to that.