Ignited Freddy
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Character Information
Species Animatronic Bear
Gender Male
Skin Color Brown
Eye Color White light
Occupation Former entertainer at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza.
Starting location First Floor: Ignited Freddy
First appearance First Floor: Ignited Freddy and as an easter egg in Forest: Ignited Chica.
Succeeded by
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Ignited Freddy or Freddy is the one of the four secondary antagonists of The Joy of Creation, The Joy of Creation: Reborn, and The Joy of Creation: Story Mode. Like the other Ignited Animatronics, Ignited Freddy first appeared in the original version of The Joy of Creation, and got moved to the Reborn version.


Ignited Freddy has a bottom jaw, exposing his endoskeleton's bottom set of rusty teeth, and his left ear is also missing. Ignited Freddy wears a top hat, like his original counterparts did.

His eyes are black, with glowing pupils similar to the Phantoms in Five Nights at Freddy's 3. Strangely enough, his left eyebrow is missing.

Ignited Freddy wears a black bow tie like his top hat on his chest accompanying two black-buttons. A lighter brown outline lines around his main body.

Both of his hands are also missing, along with the suit on his shins and his left forearm.


TJoC: R Free-Roam Test

Ignited Freddy starts in the hallways within the house. His luminous pupils warns the player that he is approaching, even if they can't see him.

The player should run away if they see a moving light (Ignited Freddy's Eyes), the player will be safe once they are far enough from Ignited Freddy. If the player is in his sight-line, he will quickly run to the player. The player will have to escape his line of vision. It is not recommended to flash the light while the player is in his sight-line. Sometimes, he comes across a wall, with another way out other than turning around. If he turns around, the player can be caught off-guard, causing the plan to backfire.


Ignited Freddy's jumpscare (Click to animate).

First Floor: Ignited Freddy

The player is given 60 seconds (1 minute) to complete the objective; to search and find 5 objects scattered throughout the layout of the map.

One strategy is to find Ignited Freddy, try to sneak around him and follow him while he is walking. This strategy is used a lot and is found very amusing, although shining the flashlight on him will lead to him jumpscaring the player.

Story Mode Behavior


Ignited Freddy sometimes appears outside the Bedroom window, when he does, the player must cover the window. He may also appear while Ignited Chica is peeking out of the closet, but will never attack while Ignited Foxy and/or Ignited Bonnie are/is attacking.

Living Room

Ignited Freddy comes from the Right Hallway. He'll slowly approach and open the door. The player must hide near the wall beside the door so he won't see the player. Failure to do so results in the player's death, as Freddy will rip out Scott's wife's neck with his teeth and stand over her dead body, his mouth dripping blood. The TV does have a pause button to hold Ignited Freddy in place to both delay his attack and ensure his attack does not coincide with either Ignited Foxy's attack or Ignited Bonnie's attack, as there is no defense against an attack from two animatronics entering the room at the same time.


Ignited Freddy will appear in one of three of the Office's cameras. The player can flash a light at him to repel him, once the player spots him in one of the cameras. The player must flash him eleven times before 6 A.M. Failure to do so will result in an instant death shortly after 6 A.M. is reached, as Ignited Freddy will kill the player.

Ignited Freddy
Character Information
Species Animatronic Bear
Gender Male
Skin Color Brown
Occupation Former entertainer at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza.
Starting location Front Closet
First appearance Survival Mode
Ignited Freddy or Freddy is the main antagonist of The Joy of Creation. He resides at the front closet of your room.


The main difference between his appearance in this game and the Reborn version is that his eyes are completely black. His textures may also be darker, although it could be the lighting.



Ignited Freddy will start inside the front closet. After a minute or so, he will slowly open both closet doors. He will make a little creaking sound while opening the doors.

If the player is too slow at flashing the light at him, then he will instantly jumpscare the player. This is also shared by Ignited Bonnie and Ignited Chica.

Gameplay Screenshots

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