The fredbear plush appears in the attic level as a cameo.

He will not move but appears on the desk beside the computer.

If you see Golden Freddy on the monitor in the Attic, you can click on the plush, and you will get a newspaper clipping.

Appearance Edit

The fredbear plush has a black bowtie and black tophat. He has faded white pupils. If you pay close enough attention while playing, you may notice he has a faint glitch effect.


Trivia Edit

-He oddly has a black hat and bowtie other then the usual purple.

-Made an appearance in Five Nights at Freddy's 4 and Sister Location

-He seems to look more soft and realistic then usual.

Behavior Edit

The Fredbear Plush will not move and has no real use other than for the Golden Freddy Easter egg.

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