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Attic: Ignited Foxy
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Location Houston, Texas, United States
Status Active

Forest: Ignited Chica or just The Forest is where Ignited Chica resides at and is one of the challenges in The Joy of Creation: Reborn.

This is the only stage in the game where there are trees and porraceous vegetation. The Forest may be outside the House, since there are lanterns next to a trailing path. Along the edge of the forest layout, there is a single long fence stretching across the perimeter of the layout. Crickets chirp in the background as well.

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Ignited Chica in gameplay.

Instead of the usual 60 seconds (1 minute) or 90 (1 minute and 30 seconds), the player is given 300 seconds (5 minutes), in version v0.0.6 the given time was 180 seconds (3 minutes) to complete a new type of goal; to search and find approximately 10 drawings stuck on the tree trunks, or occasionally on the lantern poles and the perimeter fence.

While attempting to complete the goal, Ignited Chica will follow the player nearby. It is difficult to spot her since her luminous pupils are hard to see in the extending darkness, so it is recommended that the player should look behind them. If the player happens to spot two glowing eyes in the darkness, then they should run. If the player doesn't look behind their back frequently enough, then Ignited Chica has the chance to attack the player, resulting in a game over.

If she also happens to stop a few meters away from the player while they're glancing behind their back, it is recommended to immediately run away until the player is far enough from her. If you look at her for too long, she will roar and start to run over to you, and by this time it is too late to escape.


  • Forest: Ignited Chica strongly references Slender: The Eight Pages.
    • This is because that in Slender: The Eight Pages, you are hunted by the Slenderman and have to find eight pieces of paper.
      • The ten drawings represent the pages and Ignited Chica represents the Slenderman.
  • The drawings' texture have Doug 'N' Rachel animatronics drawn on the paper. This is a reference to one of Nikson's other games: Those Nights at Rachel's.
    • Some drawings appear to have Fazbear brand animatronics too.
  • Nikson updated Ignited Chica's mechanics to make it easier for others to understand.
    • He also added 2 minutes in v0.0.7, a total of 5 minutes, presumably because 3 minutes wasn't enough time to collect ten of the drawings.
      • He also made the map slightly brighter, possibly so that others would be able to see a little bit easier.
  • This is the only challenge to be outside the house.
  • If you skirt around the outside of the forest, you will see the other 3 Ignited animatronics.


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