Extras is an extra challenge for the player. The Ignited Animatronics are found to be inside museum-esque glass cases. As the player progresses, the stages will become more and more dark, progressing up to an extremely dark room with no light source.


Stage 1 with the glass cases

The player will start off in a white room with four glass cases resembling museum cases containing the Ignited Animatronics inside, while happy music plays in speakers on both sides of the room.

There appear to be two light switches on either side of the room. If one turns either switch off, then the whole room will become eerily silent, as well as the bright lights shutting down. When the lights are off, the Ignited Animatronic's eyes will glow in the dark.

When the player switches the power off, a door just beside Ignited Foxy's glass case will appear. Walk through this door and you should end up at the second stage.


  • If you look closely at Ignited Foxy's bottom jaw, you could see that it is twitching slightly. This is best for viewing in the dark.


Phantasmagoric Ignited Freddy sprinting.

After going through the door, the player will enter a long and dark room. The room appears to feature a blood red texture to the floor, the ceiling and the walls.

When walking down the hall, one may hear faint clanking sounds. These clanking sounds are footsteps belonging to an unknown animatronic.

Near the end of the stage, the player will encounter Phantasmagoric Ignited Freddy. He will appear out of the dark and will charge towards the player emitting a muffled roar. When he is close enough, he will disappear, like a hallucination.

Walk further down the hall and the player will spot a door at the end. The door consists of the same textures that the Phantasmagoric Ignited animatronics have. Enter it and the player should proceed to stage 3.


  • The mysterious animatronic was actually never seen running. Just heard.

In Stage 3, the room has gotten slightly darker, the floor and walls are covered/made out of what appears to be a distorted-looking texture.

The room seems to be a long hallway that gets narrower farther along. The player must walk down the hallway to progress through the Stage.

Unlike Stage 2, the end of the hallway is a dead end. However, once the player turns around, Phantasmagoric Ignited Freddy will appear in a slumped position and disappear quickly while emitting what sounds like a muffled laugh. The player should then go back through a doorway that has appeared at the other end.


  • The unknown animatronic can be still heard following you as you proceed down the room.
    • Though as you proceed back to the start of the room, you could hear it coming behind you.
    • This is probably an oversight by Nikson.

The next stage is a completely dark room with a single door.


Still image of Phantasmoagoric Ignited Foxy.

When the player walks through the door, they will arrive in a room that appears to have models of Phantasmagoric Ignited Foxy, similarly to the models at the start of the Extras.

There are two more models of Foxy next to each other near the end of the room. When the player walks or run between them, they will be jumpscared by Phantasmagoric Ignited Foxy. The game will crash after his jumpscare.


  • In the split second after you are jumpscared by Foxy, text reading "COME BACK LATER" will appear briefly.