Endo C
Endo C in story mode extras by Jakub42042
Character Information
Known as Mouth
Species Fallen Endo
Gender Most likely female
Skin Color Silver
Occupation Minor, but common, obstacle
Starting location Basement and Attic
First appearance The Joy of Creation: Story Mode
Status Night 4 (Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 5); Night 5
Preceded by
Blank.png Ignited Chica

Endo C, also known as "Mouth", is an antagonist in The Joy of Creation: Story Mode during both The Attic and The Basement Levels. It is one of The Fallen Animatronics found within the game.

It is the lost endoskeleton of Chica.

Appearance Edit

Endo C is an extremely withered Endoskeleton. Endo C is covered in wires, especially in the torso and legs. Its forearms are completely gone, similarly to Ignited Chica. The Endoskeleton's most notable feature is its mouth. Endo C's mouth is noticeably broken, with both jaw sections split apart, similar to Withered Chica's mouth. Its eyes are completely empty. It seems that Endo C's lower jaw can no longer be controlled, due to how wide apart it is to its upper jaw.

Behavior Edit

Basement Edit

Endo C appears in the first, second, and last puzzle in the Basement, and has two distinctive behaviors when active:

1) Hiding: In Phase 2 (05), Endo C will hide near the Chica poster and in the closet furthest away from the furnace. When near the Chica poster, the player simply has to wait for it to stop growling before they can retrieve the cupcake. The player must not open the closet it hides in, audibly breathing, as opening it will result in an immediate death.

2) Sleeping: When not hiding, Endo C will stand still in one position, and will not move at all unless the player gets too close to it or moves too much, where it will immediately rush down the player and kill them.

  • In Phase 1 (06), Endo C will appear sleeping in front of the monitors. The player must walk around it to reach the bathroom.
  • In Phase 2 (05), Endo C will appear in different places depending on the items picked up. It will appear in front of the bathroom door when the player is holding the hook and will reside there until the hook is put in the furnace. When retrieving the hat, it will appear beside the furnace, and the player must walk up and down the stairwell to get rid of it.
  • In Phase 5 (02), two Endo C's are sleeping in the hallway, one on each side. The player must once again not get too close, while also avoiding the Endo Bs that are present.

Attic Edit

Endo C has similar behavior to Endo B in the Attic; it will appear in the cameras and when it disappears, the corresponding door will have to be closed until it knocks on the door.

Trivia Edit

  • The "C" in Endo C's name should mean Chicken, as it is implied to be a Chica Endoskeleton.
    • Unlike Ignited Chica, though, Endo C still has it’s lower jaw.  
  • Strangely, this Fallen animatronic appears on the most puzzles in The Basement


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