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Room/Location Information
Location Houston, Texas, United States
Status Destroyed

The Basement is the fourth memory of The Joy of Creation: Story Mode. In this memory, the player controls Michael as he works to fulfill the requests of the Ignited Animatronics - both to increase their power and to aid in his own escape. As he does so, he must avoid being caught by the Fallen, four endoskeletons that roam the basement with revengeful intent. This was revealed by Nikson to be all the entities (Which are dopplegangers) going through levels into our reality.

Pre-Night Cutscenes Edit

In the first pre-night cutscene, Nick speaks to the player over a slow pan across a long, dimly-lit hallway with windows at regular intervals. A storm can be seen and heard outside. As he talks, the hallway becomes steadily more decrepit; at the end, the pan stops at one window in particular, where the silhouette of an unknown animatronic can be seen outside. As a flash of lightning illuminates the figure, it is revealed to be Ignited Golden Freddy. The screen then fades to black, and we move to the second cutscene.

"Do you believe in spirits? Many do. Many claim they've seen one, or have heard stories of people being haunted by these white figures, or - oily shadows. My dad made a game series about it; a-a horror franchise, in fact, it was his shining achievement. Apparently, there was a time when everybody knew about it, all over the world: clothing, toys, accessories, board games - you name it. Five Nights at Freddy's was everywhere. There were even rumors of it getting a movie!
[awkward chuckle] didn't last long, anyway. Nobody remembers it anymore, nor the characters, the games...or my father. After that night, it...all went away.
Nothing lasts forever, and that's why I don't believe in spirits. Everyone has to die. Everything has an end at some point. Even if that point...comes sooner than you'd wish."
-Nick's monologue, Cutscene 1
The second cutscene takes place from Scott's perspective as he walks down to the basement, investigating the claims of the note supposedly from his children that he found in the Office. Though he calls out to his children, there is no response, and the basement seems deserted. Suddenly, something in the basement plays the noise of an animatronic's jumpscare. Scott turns, startled, to see the source: a desktop computer, currently displaying the Phantom Eyes from Five Nights at Freddy's 3. Scott angrily addresses the computer in lieu of an actual mastermind to finally rant at:
"Why are you doing this to us? Why? Just leave us all alone, you monsters!
[a pause]
I created you. Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy...
[as he lists each name, a corresponding picture flashes on the screen] How is this happening? What are you?
[another pause; the screen changes to a picture of a single eye] are not them. You're just - using their faces! What...are you?!"
Michael responds from behind him in a harsh whisper: "Your creations.". Scott turns, but he's too late, as Michael knocks him unconscious with some kind of blunt instrument. Just before he loses consciousness, Michael can be heard apologizing.

Phase 1

Phase 1 is arguably the easiest of the 5 phases that involve actual gameplay, as it is relatively short and the only animatronic present is entirely passive in nature. However, first-time players can still get tripped up here, given the relative lack of information compared to previous memories.

Animatronics included:

The player, as Michael. awakes in the basement's bathroom. He sees the only door out and makes his way into the basement. He finds a desk with 24 screens (twelve per row), and the left 12 monitors activate. The bottom six display images related to the task at hand, whilst the top six display messages. The desk has a chair left pushed out from the work area.

A small digital display with the number "06" in red can also be seen to the left of these. This is one of three such displays; each functions as a 'phase counter', with the number shown decreasing by one each time the player completes a phase and returns to the bathroom. The other two phase counters are located on the wall of the Furnace Room and above the door leading upstairs. The one above the upstairs door is also displayed on one of the monitors that has been set on the desk.

The room initially appears deserted and inactive; as soon as the player enters the room, however, the center screens (once again with the exception of the bottom corners) begin to display a series of messages, with words appearing one by one starting from the top left monitor. In between each message, the screens 'reset', with some or all of them displaying relevant images before returning to static and beginning the process anew.

The messages read as follows:

'YOU ARE AWAKE' [all screens briefly display the 'Phantom Eyes' image]
'YOU EXIST TO LET US OUT' [the bottom monitors show the Animatronics in this order: Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, Freddy]
'OR BURN WITH THE REST OF THEM' [the bottom screens change to show the four Fallen Animatronics in this order: Endo R, Endo C, Endo F, Endo B]
Further exploration of the area reveals an adjoining room containing a large furnace and a staircase leading upstairs and (presumably) to the rest of the house. The player can attempt to open the door, but will be blocked by the presence of a sturdy iron grating. A few seconds later, a hidden speaker plays what sounds like Golden Freddy's spectral giggle from the first game.

Upon turning and heading back downstairs, the player is suddenly struck with a vivid hallucination, with text reading 'DON'T COME CLOSE' and 'COME BACK' flashing across their vision along with a brief image of the door to the bathroom. For some reason. The source of these visions is most likely the Ignited Animatronics: the auditory static, TV-screen-style visual overlay, and similar font all allude fairly directly to the monitor messages the player saw on their arrival in the Basement. At this point, Endo C spawns in the monitor room, and true gameplay begins.

When she spawns, Endo C is in 'sleeping' mode, the first of her 2 modes: she is turned away from the player, facing the monitors and completely motionless. She does not react to the player's entrance in any way; however, if the player gets within a certain distance of her, she will 'awaken' and charge them, resulting in an instant game over. All the player has to do in this phase is safely make it back to the bathroom without drawing Endo C's attention; once this is accomplished, Phase 2 will begin.

Phase 2 Edit

The second phase of the Basement is the least scripted of the five main phases, due almost entirely to the presence of Endo R; his attack times are random, and can occur at any point during the phase, potentially becoming a source of considerable frustration to the player as they are forced to drop whatever they're doing and run to the bathroom or face an instant game over. For some reason.

Animatronics included:

When the player exits the bathroom this time, it is immediately apparent that a number of things in the basement have changed:

  • First, Endo C has moved away from her position in front of the monitors, and is nowhere to be seen.
  • Second, the phase counter left of the monitors now reads '05'.
  • Third, the room is now decorated in the style of a Freddy Fazbear's Pizza; posters on the walls, colorful banners and groups of paper stars hang from the ceiling, and, most noticeably, several tables laden with party hats have appeared most likely from party rooms in Five Nights at Freddy's 2. The faint sound of a music box can also be heard in the background.

The central panel once again activates as soon as the player opens the bathroom door, displaying the following:

'BUT OUR BODIES NEED SHAPE' [the bottom monitors display pictures of four items, one from each animatronic]
'TO IGNITE OUR FLAME' [the word 'IGNITE' is colored red instead of the usual white]
The main goal of Phase 2 is to locate and obtain the four items displayed on the monitors and place them in the furnace to burn them: Chica's Cupcake, Bonnie's Guitar, Foxy's Hook, and Freddy's Hat. Once this has been accomplished, the player can return to the bathroom and begin the next phase; however, this task is complicated by the presence of Endo C and Endo R, who will both attempt to slow or stop the player's progress in different ways.

Endo C's behavior is highly predictable, since the only times she acts are immediately after an item is found and obtained; however, her behavior is different for each item, so a new strategy for dealing with her is necessary every time. Endo R, on the other hand, appears entirely at random. His arrival is normally heralded by a hallucination showing the words 'YOU ARE NOT SAFE' and 'GO BACK' and a picture of Endo R reaching towards the player; however, it is also possible for this screen not to appear on rare occasions.

Once the player has been made aware of Endo R's presence, they will begin to panic more and more; their heartbeat speeds up and becomes louder, the camera becomes erratic and shaky, and they will experience periodic flashes of red accompanied by harsh buzzing sounds. The player must run back to the bathroom as fast as possible; the amount of time they have varies widely, lasting anywhere from 20 seconds to a minute. If they fail to reach the bathroom in time, the player will briefly black out, then come to in a twisted, 'insane' version of the Basement, and after a few seconds Endo R will charge and attack the player. This leads to an instant game over, but before being sent back to the beginning of the phase, there is a brief cutscene: Michael comes to for a moment and realizes with horror that he is inside the furnace, all four Fallen Endoskeletons staring at him, just before the flames turn on and he is burned alive.

  • Note one thing about Endo R is that when the hallucination happens and you go up to the stairway where the door is located, you can see a small ledge above where you enter the staircase from (You can see it if you look behind you after going halfway up the stairs). You can climb on the ledge and if you go up to where the end of the ledge is (The opposite of where you went on the ledge) and wait for the basement to go into "Insane" mode. If you wait here long enough and NOT go off the edge of the ledge, you can see Endo R on the staircase not facing you, trying to go to your location. If you stay on the edge of where you enter the ledge (until your back hits the wall), you can see Endo R running up and down the staircase trying to get to your location. You are safe from him there, but you CANNOT get off the ledge unless you want an instant game over. You also cannot continue the night, you are dead meat if you get off the ledge (Just an innocent, funny glitch).

The location of each of the four items and the events that are triggered are detailed below:

Freddy's Hat Edit

Freddy's hat is located on a shelf underneath the monitors farthest to the left. Once it is picked up, Endo C will spawn next to the furnace, making it unusable. To be able to safely deposit the hat, the player must go to the top of the stairs, at which point Endo C will disappear.

  • It is actually possible to deposit the hat without going to the top of the stairs if you're extremely careful, since Endo C's radius of aggression doesn't fully cover the furnace; it's unknown whether this was intentional or an oversight by Nikson.

Bonnie's Guitar Edit

Both Bonnie's guitar and Endo C are located inside the pair of lockers located near the furnace. The guitar is in the left locker, and Endo C is in the right; do not open the right locker, as this will awaken Endo C and cause an instant game over.

Chica's Cupcake Edit

Chica's cupcake is hidden similarly to how those in the Office were; as in that memory, the cupcake is hidden in a small alcove behind a poster of Chica saying "Let's Eat!". As the player approaches the poster, Endo C can be heard growling behind them. They must wait for the growling to stop before taking the cupcake, otherwise Endo C will attack as soon as they turn around.

Foxy's Hook Edit

Foxy's hook is located in the monitor room, in a trash can directly below a poster of himself. Knocking the trash can over and picking it up will cause Endo C to move in front of the bathroom door, blocking all access. To make her move, Michael must again go to the top of the stairs, at which point she'll disappear.

Phase 3 Edit

The third phase is a particularly difficult one due to the presence of Endo B, widely considered to be the hardest of the Fallen Animatronics to deal with. Players who have played Five Nights at Freddy's 4 and were skilled at the Fun with Plushtrap minigame will likely do better than most, since the basic mechanic of making yourself purposely vulnerable for just the right amount of time is very similar.

Animatronics included:

When the player leaves the bathroom, the party decorations have disappeared; instead, many objects in the room are now covered with large blue tarps, giving the impression of a storage area long abandoned. As expected, the phase counter now reads '04'. This time, the monitors display the following:

'THE ONE HE CALLS MICHAEL' [crude drawings of each of the 4 Five Nights at Freddy's games appear on the lower monitors; instead of being erased as usual, the previous message is overwritten by the new one]
'IN THE STORIES HE FORMED' [the drawings disappear]
If the player tries to enter the furnace room, they will find that their way is now blocked by a cell door with a keypad next to it. To unlock the door, the player must figure out the correct code to enter, using the drawings on the wall next to the door as hints. Four of these drawings have numbers on them; these drawings also each show a different number of animatronics. If the numbers from each of the drawings are put in order of how many animatronics their drawing has from least to most, the player must obtain the code '9632'.

The door slowly begins to slide open; as it does so, the player experiences more hallucinations, this time telling them 'DON'T TURN YOUR BACK' and 'DON'T LOOK AWAY'. At this point, Endo B becomes active. The player must lure Endo B into the monitor room by looking away long enough for him to enter the room and allow the player to maneuver around him, but not long enough for him to make it all the way over to the player and attack them.

  • Oddly, if one tries to touch Endo B, he will not attack the player; however, as soon as he is out of sight he will kill the player.

Once the player is in the furnace room, they should take the opportunity to press the button next to the door in order to close it behind them, since this will trap Endo B in the monitor room and make the remainder of the phase much less stressful. The path to the stairway is blocked by another cell door; however, just like with the monitor room, there are again several drawings on the walls that can be used as clues to obtain the code to open it.

The puzzle here is much more straightforward than the first. There are four drawings on the walls, and each drawing depicts one of the four main animatronics and a certain number of presents (from one to four) beneath them. Inspecting the keypad will reveal that four of the buttons have colored numbers instead of the usual black. Each of these colors corresponds to a different animatronic: red to Foxy, yellow to Chica, blue to Bonnie, and brown to Freddy. The code can then be determined by putting the animatronics on the walls in order from least to most presents, then substituting in their associated number; doing this will produce the code "2541". Once the code is entered, the door opens, and the path to the staircase is clear.

However, the staircase is blocked off by pipes, and once the key is grabbed the door between the rooms open and Endo B disappears. Michael must then go back to the bathroom to end Phase 3.

Phase 4 Edit

Although this phase is technically the second easiest of the group in terms of complexity of mechanics, it is undoubtedly one of the more stressful portions of the level, as a moment's hesitation on the part of the player can easily result in a swift and brutal end.

Animatronics included:

In this phase, Michael walks out of the bathroom and finds that the regular basement has been replaced with a long, dark hallway lined with pipes. With no other option and no message from the monitors to guide them, the player has no choice but to start walking down the seemingly endless hallway. After the player has made it about halfway down the hall, another hallucination appears; an image of Endo F flashes across the screen, followed by the words 'KEEP GOING' and 'DON'T LOOK BACK'. As the visions fade, red lighting comes on overhead, accompanied by Golden Freddy's giggle.

At this point, if the player turns around and looks back the way they came, Endo F will spawn at the beginning of the hallway and begin running towards the player. If he manages to catch up with the player, it will result in an instant game over. From here, there are two ways to proceed:

  • If you want to try and obtain the secret newspaper clipping for this level, fast action is key here. Once the warning flash, the clipping will spawn on the wall a short distance back the way you came. Turn and grab it, then immediately turn around and BOOK IT, as at this point Endo F will have spawned and started running towards you. If you're quick enough, you should have just enough time to grab the clipping off the wall and reach the exit.
  • Otherwise, once the warnings flash simply follow the instructions given to you and move forward towards the end of the tunnel without stopping or looking back. Once you are a certain distance away from the door, Endo F will spawn regardless of whether the player has looked back or not; simply keep moving forward and you should reach the door in time, finding yourself back in the bathroom once more and thus advancing to the final stage.

Phase 5 Edit

Animatronics included:

  • Endo B
  • Endo C

Upon leaving the bathroom again, the monitors say the following as their final message for Michael:

The monitors fade to static for a moment, before displaying a large image of Golden Freddy's face as the words 'HE REMAINS' flash across the player's vision. There's also a red ominous tone to the player's vision.

At this point, the phase kicks off for real: the cell doors on the left wall open, and two instances of Endo B spawn on the other side. The player must navigate out of the first room and through the second, which is occupied by two instances of Endo C arranged about the room as 'roadblocks'. A third Endo B is locked behind a cell door that also unfortunately blocks the player's access to the stairs; this door can be opened by pushing the button on the opposite wall, near the furnace.

  • An optional technique to use here which may make the player's life a little easier is to try and lure all three Endo B's back into the monitor room and then shut the cell door behind them, as could be done in Phase 3; alternatively, if you're feeling brave enough, you can simply keep moving forward while juggling the trio, as either way once you trigger the upstairs door all endoskeletons will despawn.

Once the player reaches the top of the staircase, they can use the key they obtained in Phase 2 to unlock the door to the rest of the house; however, upon doing so they are met with a hallucination of Golden Freddy's face and giggle, and once this fades the door has disappeared. Upon heading back down the stairs, the player discovers that everything in the basement has been similarly erased, leaving nothing but two barren rooms. Once again left with no other option, the player must return to the bathroom for the final time and advance to Phase 6.

  • Dying in this phase gives the game over hint, 'OPEN THE WAY, MICHAEL', confirming that we are not playing as Scott in this memory but rather as Michael.

Phase 6 Edit

When the player exits the bathroom for the final time, everything in the basement is back to the way it was before Michael knocked Scott out.

There's no wall of security monitors, no new rooms. Just Scott's trusty computer showing one of the images from that was for the anniversary of Five Nights at Freddy's, as well as the door back in its original position, allowing Michael to escape.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the only memory where the player can always freely move.
    • It's also the only night where there is no tape recorder message of any kind; instead, the player must glean what they can from the messages on the monitors and discover the rest through trial and error.
  • The beginning of this memory is the first time in which Michael acts aggressive towards anyone in the Cawthon family.
    • This could mean that the basement memory takes place before its respective pre-night cutscene, and that something occurred between the memory and the cutscene that caused Michael to become evil.
  • A weird glitch can happen in Phase 5 when the player stands too close to the door: when they try to use the key, the door will open and trap the player between it and the wall. The only way to get out is to restart the Basement from scratch.
    • Another glitch can happen if you try to open the door on phase 5, it will not open.
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