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Basement: Ignited Bonnie
The Joy of Creation: Reborn Games
Room/Location Information
Location Houston, Texas, United States
Status Active

Basement: Ignited Bonnie or just The Basement is where Ignited Bonnie resides at and is one of the challenges in The Joy of Creation: Reborn.


The Basement is a dark and gloomy maze, lit only by glowing lanterns and scattered with props. There are pipes which will leak steam, which is both a disability for the player and Ignited Bonnie, as neither you nor him can see through the steam. The lanterns can easily be mistaken for Ignited Bonnie's pupil, especially if obscured by steam.



A screenshot of Ignited Bonnie running after the player in The Basement.

The player is given 60 seconds (1 minute) to complete their objective; to search and find five objects throughout the basement. These objects are selected randomly and procedurally spawn, so memorizing locations will not work.

While the player is searching for the objects, Ignited Bonnie will be roaming the layout of the basement, and he is faster than Ignited Freddy. To survive being attacked the player should keep their eyes on red lights, as they are Ignited Bonnie's pupils. When the player sees the lights bobbing up and down, it is advised to run away to keep searching for the objects. If the player does not find all five objectives before time runs out, Bonnie will lock onto the player's position and hunt them down. Once the player has found all five objectives, or if the player runs out of time, the night will not end until Bonnie catches and kills the player. Completing the night will reward the player with a tick next to the night selection.


  • Ignited Bonnie is seen punching the player in his jumpscare.
  • Sometimes, Ignited Bonnie can get stuck on corners if the player round them sharply. This is a great strategy to buy the player more time.
  • One survival strategy is to find Ignited Bonnie and sneak behind him while he is walking, evading detection. This will not work if Bonnie turns around, or if the player turns the flashlight on.


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